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The Four Pillars of Wellness

Our Health and Wellness is a very complex topic. We all know that modern day life is busy and balance can be hard to find. This is why I created The Four Pillars of Wellness. Each pillar breaks down a vital area of life and that allows us to look clearly at where we are thriving and where we are challenged. By looking at life through these pillars, it becomes easier to see where change is needed and gives us a useable, concrete framework to move forward. 


Nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress: all these pieces create the total picture of your health and wellness. Being intentional about the picture you want to create gives you a clear path to guide your choices. Are you making choices every day that enhance your health and wellness or are you making choices that leave you feeling tired, overweight, sluggish, and run down?  You have far more power than you may realize- which is great news.


As plenty of research shows- we humans are hardwired for connection. By our very nature we are pack animals. So it is a high value aspect of your life to consider: are the relationships in your life healthy? Are they filled with honesty and love? Are they fun? Maintaining connections that enhance your life is vital to the quality of your overall wellness.  The people we surround ourselves with can help lift us up or drag us down so evaluating the connections in your life can be a very powerful thing to do.


The environments we are in every day have an impact on our quality of life that is easy to overlook. Are you putting yourself in environments that inspire you or that drain you? Your apartment, your office, your gym or yoga studio: are there ways you can improve these spaces to support your health and wellness? A new plant? Painting a wall? Changing gyms? Take a moment to think about the environments you’re in everyday and see if you feel inspired and content or discouraged and drained.


Every person has their own skills, their own passions, and their own gifts. Finding ways to use those throughout life not only creates fulfillment and joy but it also reduces stress. Are you using your skills in your career? Do you have any outlets for your passions? Do you feel you are able to use your particular gifts to help others in any area of your life? These are powerful questions that are worth asking yourself as you pursue a healthier lifestyle.

How I Help

I offer programs that consist of one on one coaching sessions which are conducted remotely (via phone, Zoom, or Facetime). In these sessions, I teach you about The Four Pillars of Wellness and guide you through using those pillars to improve the wellness and vitality of your life. Throughout the program, clients set goals, dive deep into understanding their choices and patterns, identify nutrition and lifestyle changes they want to make and experiment with a variety of ways to implement those changes to create long lasting improvement to the quality of their life. It's time to stop surviving and start thriving. 


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